Free Trial: 15 Days
Storage: Unlimited
Price / Month: $4.58
Review: Easily and securely protect all your files

Carbonite continuously backs up new data on your PC. Data is encrypted and stored at their remote backup center. No limit on backup storage – unlimited capacity.

Keeping Your Files Safe with Carbonite

Protect your critical computer files with Carbonite.  This adaptive backup program will actively scan your computer keeping an accurate backup of your important files.  In fact, this program generally creates a copy of most files located in the Documents and Settings folder.  Carbonite can backup any files that you desire; a simple click will protect any files not scheduled for backup.  Carbonite provides a constant and consistent backup so you can rest assured that your backup files are always up to date.

Using Carbonite is simple.  After the initial installation, Carbonite will actively scan your computer looking for files that have been created or updated.  Automatic settings tell Carbonite to backup all file types except for executable files; these can be added however using customized settings.  In fact, Carbonite has a wide range of options with which you can customize your backup service.  Generally, users choose to stick with the default backup plan as it is a comprehensive and widely accepted option.

It is easy to monitor the backup status of your files.  Carbonite marks your files with an easy to monitor, color coded system.  A green dot means that the item is selected for backup and up to date.  A green dot with a hole in the center implies a set of files where some are selected for backup and others are not that are current in their state of backup. A yellow dot marks files that are selected for backup but still waiting for the backup to be completed.  This generally occurs when a file has been changed or modified very recently.  If there is no dot, there is no backup.  These easy to read dots make monitoring your backup situation easy.  A simple glance will inform users of the status of their files and their level of protection.  However, Carbonite takes care of everything so monitoring isn’t necessary.

There is no need to worry about the security of your important files with Carbonite.  Files are encrypted before they leave your computer.  There is no opportunity for private data to be stolen or accessed.  Since the backup occurs automatically, you will know that you files are protected at all times.  Carbonite is easy to install, easy to use and files are easy to retrieve if necessary.   Carbonite’s service offers unlimited backup for a set low price of $54.95 each year.

Do not make the mistake of thinking you are protected when you are not.  Carbonite will protect your files from all situations.  On-site backup like CDs, memory sticks and hard drives cannot offer the comprehensive protection of Carbonite.  Physical backup stored in the same location as your computer is susceptible to fire, theft, flooding and disaster.  It can be easily destroyed and files can be lost.  Carbonite protects your files no matter the situation.  It installs quickly and easily and can be forgotten after the installation.  Carbonite takes care of all your backup needs for you.  It works quickly and easily and will not cause your computer to slow down or work less effectively.  In fact, you may not even realize that it is working to protect you.

Try Carbonite today and know that your files are protected. Save now by using a Carbonite offer code.

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2 Reviews of Carbonite Storage Space

  1. J. Kinsley

    Carbonite is not the most intuitive interface I’ve ever dealt with. There’s not a way to see exactly what files you have backed up – this really disturbs me! But overall it’s not a bad product. I hope I never have to find out how easy it is to recover files!

  2. leam

    ive used both carbonite and mozy and actually prefer mozy. most people dont agree but mozy is just easier to configure and cheaper. what else is there?


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